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Makati Philippines Hotel Stay on the Cheap! Nest Nano Suites Deal

In this video, I stubble across a really great and inexpensive boutique style hotel in #Makati, Philippines.

Sometimes when you travel, you wind up finding some of the best in unique Hotel stays by accident. This is exactly what happen on a routine walk from my hotel and hop inn. It’s started as a typical wake up to get some joe at the Coffee Bean.. This morning, I decided to take a detour.

I stumbled across Nano Nest Suites. This is a brand-new boutique style hotel that’s all the rage right now in Makati. So I walk in and first thing I notice is that it has a really great Cafe & working area on the 1st floor. The really neat thing is that they offer you a complementary drink why you sit and work. The Wi-Fi speed was good and if you decided to eat, the food was pretty okay.
The quality was acceptable and most important inexpensive.

So where is this place you ask?

5700 Pagulayan St. Poblacion Makati City, Philippines

Reservations: +63 917 841 6378
Landline: 02 800 7888

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