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Cambodia Budget Deals $5.Hotel Rooms

Cambodia budget deals
Is it possible to still get a $5 Hotel room? The answer is yes but you may not have air-conditioning, television, Internet access.
I’m talking about a hotel room not a youth hostel.
It is possible to get a $5 room in a hotel with your own private bathroom.
If you increase your budget to $15 for a hotel room you can get the conveniences of air-conditioning, television, and Internet.
I will show you one budget hotel and one more upgraded hotel.
( for you who are able to splurge this one is for you.)
Even when we are traveling and stay in the $18 Hotel rooms sometimes we like to upgrade to a $35 room and when we really want to splurge will pay $45. To $60.
Because we have the luxury of traveling for long periods of times
( six months plus at a time ) we can actually rent an apartment that can bring that cost out to about $20 to $35 dollars a night for a very nice upgraded apartment.
( fully furnished ) by renting an apartment we save money on food.We prepare our own food and we eat much healthier foods this way.
Typically in Asia you will get breakfast along with your hotel room rates.
Asia is a bargain and a real value for travel starting with hotel rooms, food and transportation.

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